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Shilika with FIDE cert.jpeg

Adeline is a kind and wonderful teacher, always encouraging and keeping me motivated. I took classes with her for roughly 2 months for FIDE A1/A2 and I got the best study material, extra focus on my weak areas, solving my queries by explaining the depth of concepts and happily working with me to achieve our agreed goals.
With all her materials and patient teaching, I soon grew confident enough to take the FIDE test and received the A2 certification all thanks to her.

Shilika from India

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Harjass with FIDE cert (1).jpeg

Adeline is an extremely competent and empathetic teacher, always adapting to the student's needs. She proactively works on creating comprehensive learning material and tests to suit the exam format. All this ensured that I walked into my FIDE exam full of confidence.

Harjass from India

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